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Texture gets your communication going

As responsible forregionsinstitutions or organizations one of your tasks is to inform visitors and inspire customers to take advantage of offers. If you breathe fresh air in communication and mediation bring or yourself realign want, you are inTEXTOUR precisely. Get started with the analysis process.

In the analysis process, clear goals are defined, resources are explored and wishes and possibilities are reconciled.

Implementation ​

With the result in hand, you can set out to implement the concept yourself.

They want my expertise and creativity on the way tocommunication that matters  benefit and commission me to develop the concept with know-how and myservices in your luggage to your destination. 

The process
In theanalysis processbecomeKnow-how,Experience andcreativity connected to aholistic result to achieve. 

As-Is Analysis  >>>

  • initial situation

  • values and goals

  • Target groups

  • resources

  • Pay

Concept phase  >>>​

  • concept development

  • methods

  • Milestones

Result  >>>​

  • Goals / target groups

  • Contents

  • Time schedule


Workshops, trainings and activities

Institutions and organizers benefit from my many years of experience as a concept developer and cultural mediator.

In the field of interactivity I offer the following:

  • Development of guided tours (exhibitions, nature ...)

  • Development of workshops

  • Employee training

  • Knowledge transfer in the form of games and experiences

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