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With TEXTOUR your story takes off

storytelling means much more than just telling a story. Entirely committed to the content, the topic and the target group, Textour attaches particular importance to dramaturgy, strong characters and stylistic finesse. 

Through the emotional linking of the content with the protagonists and dramaturgy, the knowledge is joyfully received and sustainably anchored.

  Good stories are everywhere, you just have to find them.  

The implementation

For me, storytelling is the pinnacle of communication.

So cast off!

This is how your story stands out.

Storytelling – telling stories

They want visitors, readers or customersinformation onentertaining wayand bring closer? What could be more obvious than this content in aStory to wrap? I develop for you charactersplot andDramaturgy and set this as a narrative text, audio/video script  or forcomputer games andapp at. 

In this one, you will hear how blocks of information can complement each other perfectly with scripted game scenesExample of an audio guide.


styles sheet

  This is where stories come into play: 


  • Audio books - originals or text adaptations

  • Audio stories and audio files for websites

  • Audio guides and Audio stations 


  • instructional and training videos

  • Image videos for websites and online portals


  • Print: books, customer magazines, folders,...

  • Online portals, blogs, websites,...

  • Narrative texts in public space


  • readings

  • workshops

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