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The voice
Onepleasant voice, coaxing and clearly understandable, opens a door to the heart our customers or visitors. As a trained actress and speaker, I use my voice and art of interpretation for radio plays, audio guides, advertising and telephone systems.

The audio manuscript
lyrics reador hear? The difference is huge. Manuscripts must be carefully prepared for the respective files should sound natural and lively and be easy to understand. That's why  Textour's scripts  optimized for spoken language. 
As an author of audio texts and designer of audio productions, I have mastered the tricks and tricks that alistening experience bondagend, entertaining  andconsistent do. 

How can I help you?
Tell me about the project!
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Studio direction and recording manager

As"One Stop Shop" TEXTOUR offers support for your project from the first concept meeting to the finished audio product.
Simple projects can be made inexpensively on your own if desiredhome studio to be produced. Elaborate projects withhigh acoustic demands become inrecording studio of choosing me asspeaker, directoror recording manager or all in one cared for.

Text coaching Textour Trainerin kreatives Schreiben, Erfolgreich

Voice & sound

With the voice straight to the heart 
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